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DiSTrActeD B

DiSTrActeD B

DiSTrActeD B
Live Act, Remixer, Producer
Experimental Techno, Progressive, Electronica, Breaks

Berlin City (Germany)

public name: Alexander Boos
comes from: Berlin (Germany)
musician since: 1998
style: Techno, Experimental Techno, Progressive, Electronica, Deep House, Breaks, Dance

What a fascinating journey: From a weird nerd-hobby – into the world of Mega-Hits for insiders, Live-Gigs, Techno-Nights and Party-Dreams! And my music-self is still discovering the great wide open opportunities of ceating artificial sounds with modern electronic devices and professional music-producing software. Arranging the strange sounds into wonderful harmonical compositions – that’s my obligation to infinity. Often very smooth, sometimes roughly hard – but always with the heart and soul enhanced. Love to all the people out there! Keep Groovin‘ with me!

…coming soon.

„[TALIS 003] YELLOW – VARIOUS ARTISTS“ (2016) [Talis] – FREE EP Download here: http://talis-music.com/releases/talis-003/
„Bangara Gangsta Affairs“ [Various Artists – Compilation: Track No. 27] (2012) [Breakdrum Recordsings]
KCMK006_DiSTrActeD B. – Promocation – Promo-EP (2009) [CouchRadau]
The Journey (2008) [DIA 010] –> Download here: http://http://www.amazon.de/The-Journey/dp/B002S8UMSC/
Contra EP (2007) [DIA 002] –> Download 4 free here: http://freakmuzik.net/labels/dia002/
Vegas EP (2007) [DIA 004] –> Download 4 free here: http://freakmuzik.net/labels/dia004/
Next Victim (2001)
Spears-Rape EP (feat. derKrumme) (2000)
Sakramentum (The Holy Shit) (1999)

played at:
Alte Brauerei / Dessau
OMEGA Club / Erlangen
Jungle Club / Zerbst
LMC Live Music Circus / Köthen
MH1 / Köthen
KSO / Köthen
Soundlabor / Bitterfeld
Unicon Inc / Dessau
Beat Club / Dessau
Makonde / Gräfenhainichen
Holzverkohlung / Jeber-Berfrieden
Open Air / Stackelitz

Radio Corax / Higherbeats
Radio HerzBlut / L.E. Sound Aktiv
…and many more.

social networks

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icon-soundcloud-128 DiSTrActeD B @ SoundCloud

booking assistent

form Booking Form

mail booking@freakmuzik.net

phone +49 (0) 175 333 52 52

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